DVD Sets

  • "Sold Out 2018" DVD Series

    "Sold Out 2018" DVD Series


    Our world is increasingly bold in pushing ungodly values and morals. As Christians, we are not called to run from this darkness, but rather shine the light. Christians are to be storming the gates of hell to rescue souls from the darkness. But this is...

  • "Sold Out 2016" DVD Series

    "Sold Out 2016" DVD Series


    Your race of faith was meant for more.   SESSION I RUN FAST Halfhearted Christianity is not Christianity. Serve God with ALL your heart. SESSION II RUN FAR It’s not the start, but the end of the race that determines a winner. Be faithful...

  • "Created with Purpose" DVD Series

    "Created with Purpose" DVD Series


    The world is increasingly losing the biblical concept of manhood and womanhood.  Sex reassignment surgeries are becoming normalized in our world today.  Additionally we are facing a rise of homosexuality and other sexual perversions today...

  • "Sold Out 2014" DVD Series

    "Sold Out 2014" DVD Series


    Most of us want to know God’s plans for our life, yet we struggle to find them. We often feel like God is playing hide & seek with us. And when we seek but do not find, we usually resort to doing our own plans and asking for God’s...