"I Am A Steward" Series (8 Discs)

"I Am A Steward" Series (8 Discs)

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CD 1: I Am a Steward

Your life is not your own - you are a steward. Therefore, you will one day give account for your life.


CD 2: A Jealous God

Are you living in a position so that God can do great things in your life?


CD 3: Three Confessions of a Believer

Not everyone who claims the name "Christian" really is one. How do you know?


CD 4: Passionate Love - The Greatest Command

Take ownership of your passion and put it where it is commanded to be.


CD 5: The Place of God

Is God in His rightful place in your life?  He will be only if you are convinced of two foundational beliefs, just as Joseph was.


CD 6: Heaven on Earth

One of the greatest hindrances to the caccomplishment of the Lord's work here on earth is believers trying to have Heaven on Earth.


CD 7: Redeeming the Time

Three pictures from Scripture illustrate what your life should resemble if you  are redeeming the time.


CD 8: Memorials

God has answered your prayer and you won't forget! Or will you?