"I Am A Stranger & A Pilgrim" Series (8 Discs)

"I Am A Stranger & A Pilgrim" Series (8 Discs)

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CD 1: I Am A Stranger and a Pilgrim

Everyone wants to belong, feel at home and fit in.  But followers of Jesus are strangers and pilgrims on this earth.  Where do you fit in?


CD 2: Forgiveness - The Christian's Advantage

A Christian is someone who is forgiven and forgives.  The degree to which we have been forgiven will depend upon the degree to which we forgive others.


CD 3: Submission Before Mission

When God calls us to a task, there are three neccessary ingredients for the task to be successfully fulfilled.  David exemplified all three of these ingredients, which are often missing in mission work today.


CD 4: The Price of Worship

We have been created to worship God.  But what kind of worship really brings honor and glory to God?  What makes worship truly worship?


CD 5: Men & Women - As God Intended

God created men and women different, with a purpose.  To help us remember our differences, God gave us three visible signs.  Also see Rick's book, "Created With Purpose"


CD 6: Seek Ye First God's Kingdom

The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of this World are based upon opposite principles.  These principles will affect our goals, motives, perspective and values here on this earth.


CD 7: A Soldier for Jesus

As Christians, we are to make a difference for eternity.  This requires us to be active, not passive.  But active in what? What will really make a difference for eternity?


CD 8: Silent Killer

Men and women from every generation have been destroyed by this common disease.  It has no respect for age, gender, race or religious beliefs, even Christians are susceptible to this deadly disease.