Meet The R's


Serving God in Thailand...

Rick & Renita Rhodes, along with their children, have served in Grenada, West Indies as a Missionary Pastor with Olive Branch Mennonite Missions from 2001-2005, and in Chiang Mai, Thailand with the Institute for Global Opportunities (IGo) from 2006-2017. In December of 2017, Rick, Renita and their 8 children moved to Reading, PA, to minister to Conservative Anabaptist Churches. They are members of the Fairview Mennonite Church and do their ministry under the accountability of the Fairview Mennonite Church’s leadership team.

Rick is an ordained minister and author, and has served as a missionary pastor, evangelist, Christian school administrator and teacher. 

The need for Anabaptist people to not only maintain their faith and practice, but also to live it out with passion and purpose is great! Because of his burden for the Conservative Anabaptist Churches, Rick’s vision is two-fold:

1. Serve as an evangelist who works with local churches and their leaders to provide Bible based preaching that turns peoples’ hearts toward God, His Word and the Local Church Body.

2. Produce teaching resources that will prepare and strengthen people for the challenges of life today. Rick has written two books, produced three audio CD sermon series and four video sermon series on DVD.

R Family Ministries is commitment to proclaiming the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and producing resources that enable and equip believers to live passionately for the Lord Jesus Christ.